Mir Hasan Mir | New Noha Ayam e Fatima (sa) | Rooti Rahi Khari Zahra(sa) Bharay Darbar Main | Video 2017/1438. | Watch in #HD Please | Mir Hasan Mir Official |
Recitor | Mir Hasan Mir
Poetry | Tauqeer Kamalvi
Translation | Abbas Jaffery (Toronto)
Camera | Ejaz Hussain (DUBAI)
Video & Editing | Ali Arman Baltistani
Audio Recorded | ODS Studio
New Noha By Mir Hasan Mir | on the Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima Zahra(SA).
Many condolences to Prophet Muhammad (saww) and Imam Ali(as) and especially to Imam e Zamana AJF.
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